About Us

About Mahadev Industries

Mahadev Industries is Properitorship firm established in the year of 2012 by Mr. Raj Oberoi in the name of Mahadev Industries(Steel Gear). We have developed into the one of the leading and best professional manufacturers. Mahadev Industries specializes in the production of fasteners Bolt, Anchor Fasteners, Pin Type, Hooks, Wedge Anchor, Spring Wire etc and export to various countries. We import Self-Drilling Screw, High Tensile Bolt, and Nuts etc.

We manufacture best quality fasteners, Hooks etc in the brand name of SteelGear to our precious and valuable customers with our best Services from Start to end.

Our High quality fasteners produces from stainless steel and mild Steel Material. Under the supervision of an skilled team of engineers, We make fasteners to carry out all the operation efficiently

We supply hardwere item for all sector ranging from civil engineering sector to construction companies.

We believe in making a customer and not a sale by provide best quality material at reasonable prices.

Mahadev Industries is an ISO 9001:2015
Certified Company For Quality Management

Mission Statement

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Vision Statement

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Corporate Value

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