Drywall screws

Drywall screws

A standard Drywall Screws can be identified by its black finish. This block coating comes from a phosphate coating that is applied to these screws. This coating minimize rusting and corrosion. Drywall screw almost have a Phillips bulge head rather than a slotted head, which provides additional control for installers.

How to Install :

1. For the specified anchor size, select carbide or core drill bit with nominal diameter as listed below in Table.

2. Drill hole to depth listed below.

3. Essentially clean holes with brush and blower.

4. Remove debris with hole cleaning pump, compressed air or with a brush.

5. If the holes are wet or flooded, clean hole with brush.

6. Insert Capsule into hole.

7. Spin in Welfast Stud as per required anchorage depth using a rotary hammer drill.

8. Allow adhesive to cure for the time as listed below.

9. When cured, tighten nut applying the necessary tightening torque.

  • Mainly in drywall systems for fixing plaster-boards to wooden framing
  • Low-carbon steel-black phosphate coating to resist corrosion.
Screw Size(mm) Head Type Screw head Type Box/Pack Quantity(pcs)
3.5×25 Bugle 2 Phillips Variable
3.5×32 Bugle 2 Phillips
3.5×35 Bugle 2 Phillips
3.5×38 Bugle 2 Phillips
3.5×42 Bugle 2 Phillips
3.5×45 Bugle 2 Phillips
3.5×50 Bugle 2 Phillips
3.5×55 Bugle 2 Phillips
3.5×60 Bugle 2 Phillips
3.5×70 Bugle 2 Phillips
3.5×75 Bugle 2 Phillips
3.5×90 Bugle 2 Phillips
3.5×100 Bugle 2 Phillips
3.5×110 Bugle 2 Phillips